Direct Primary Care

We are transitioning to a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice as of January 1, 2021.

Here’s how it works and why you might even prefer DPC over a traditional practice: You will be charged a monthly fee that costs less than most gym memberships, and we will be able to provide you with personalized care. It’s just that simple. 

In fact, we will be able to see you when you want to improve your health, not just when you are sick. Plus, we get to decide together if your care is best done by video, phone or even text message.

You can learn more about how DPC works for medical practices like mine to lower costs and improve health for patients like you at this website:

Arbor Family Medicine DPC Rates

Individual $59/month

Couple $109/month

Family $148/month (covers up to 2 adults in the same household and dependent children)

Children and Young Adults $29/month (newborn to 25 years old)

Offered Services:

Physician Visits

Wellness exams including Well Child Visits and Sports Physicals Included

Well Infant Home Visits (under 3 months) Included

Sick visits Included

Chronic disease visits (diabetes, hypertension, mental health, etc) Included

Health Goal Planning (weight, exercise, and stress management) Included


EKG/spirometry Included

Skin lesion removal by cryotherapy (freezing) $10

Joint Injection/Aspiration $15

Skin lesion biopsy/excision (does not include pathology fee) $25

Urinalysis Included

Rapid Flu and Strep Testing Included

Urine Pregnancy Test Included

Hemoglobin A1C (diabetes test) $15

Other Services

Home visits (limited radius and schedule dependent) $50 travel fee

Small Group Yoga Classes $10/class

Outside and send out labs can be sent through insurance via CPL.