Our practice is based on the Ideal Medical Practice movement, a movement whose goal is to promote the well-being of patients through a deeper, more personal relationship with their doctor.

The average primary care doctor in the US has over 2500 patients in their practice.  This patient load means the doctor’s office must be set up to handle a lot of visits, phone calls, and paperwork.  This office overhead results in long waiting times for patients, limited time with the doctor during a visit, and impersonalized care.

By fully utilizing modern electronic health records, on-line communications and appointment scheduling, and keeping our office overhead low we keep our practice size limited to only 500-600 people.  This approach allows us to give you reliable appointment times, more time with your doctor during office visits, and direct communication with your doctor for urgent health problems.  It also allows us to do things you rarely see in medicine these days, like home visits and after hours appointments.

Think of it like the best of the old-fashioned small town doctor with the best of modern technology.